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COunteraprty Management Information System
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About Us

About Us

The COunterparty Management Information System (COMIS) is a web-based information system to serve the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKHA) and its business partners on procurement issues. Being part of the Authority's e-housing initiatives, it provides an efficient and effective "Housing-to-Business" (H2B) platform for the interaction among staff and business partners of the HKHA/Housing Department (HD).

COMIS consists of a centralised database for maintaining information about registered suppliers and service providers as well as records of list management. It enables on-line communication among all parties concerned, supports system workflow and document management, thus facilitating our day-to-day operation in counterparty management.

Companies which meet our admission criteria are welcome to apply for admission onto our lists and become our business partners. In addition to the traditional means of paper based communication, COMIS provides a more efficient and convenient channel for interested contractors, service providers, and suppliers to submit on-line applications for admission onto our approved lists. Moreover, our business partners can make use of COMIS to:

  • obtain instant information such as their own company profile as kept by HKHA/HD and their listing status;
  • update company profile and submit electronic documents to HKHA/HD promptly and conveniently; and
  • communicate electronically with us on procurement issues such as listing, tender and contract matters.

We hope the efficient communication and workflow management of COMIS will be beneficial to all internal and external users.